Good grades are important, but

Human Skills are critical to Success.

Discover your strengths, realise your potential & thrive

ISIC Australia has partnered with Maxme to supercharge student confident, work readiness & career success

"We believe that supporting our students to develop much-needed soft skills is not only a necessity, but vital to them being as successful as they can be - today, and into the future." - Jodie Kilian, Managing Director of ISIC Australia

86% of Business Leaders want employees with strong 'human skills'

Many students lack confidence or belief in their ability to successfully enter the workforce. Hodie app helps students and graduates build the critical human skills (or soft skills) they need to realise their career potential and thrive.

Gamified, Bite-size learning in the palm of your hand

Whether it's crushing goals at work, in a sports team, or with a group of friends, strong social-emotional skills is where it all begins. Hodie provides the opportunity to maximise your potential through bite-sized, personalised human skills learning, anytime, place and pace that works for you.

How does Hodie work?

Hodie helps you build 6 critical human skills. Starting with a Self Awareness skills quest, you'll begin by discovering your unique strengths before working through an immersive learning experience to develop other key skills like communication, resilience, teamwork, creativity, ownership, mindfullness and more.

Maximising your potential



Define your strengths, communicate your value, enliven your self belief.



Equip yourself with the critical human skills employers want and need.



Distil your purpose for more rewarding returns in work and life.



A creative, growth-based mindset will open more doors to more opportunities.

All ISIC, IYTC and ITIC holders globally have FREE access to Hodie

“With two thirds of all jobs forecast to be soft skill intensive by 2030, there has never been a greater need for human skill development. Today, mainstream education does not cater to that need, and at Maxme, we’re committed to ensuring nobody gets left behind. We celebrate ISIC’s commitment to these critical student outcomes, and look forward to the progress ahead.” - Renata Sguario, Founder of Maxme