STUDY NOW, TRAVEL LATER? Nah, here’s why…

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From what I’ve gathered as a recently(ish) graduated student, it’s that people think that after uni there is this ‘freedom’ that comes with graduating. I’m here to tell you that there really isn’t. Well, from my perspective anyway.

During my uni years, I really developed a routine of working casually at a restaurant, studying (not often) and partying and socialising with my friends (very often). While it may have been unbalanced at the time, I made it work and it was a GREAT time in my life. There’s one thing I didn’t really experience though – travel.

It’s hard to budget to travel overseas to Europe or New Zealand while studying, partying and only working casually. I didn’t really consider travel to be an option for me until I graduated and got a full time job. BOY WAS I WRONG?!

Working full time has been amazing for me and my schedule. I work 9-5 Monday to Friday – how could that be bad? I have my weekends off and free to do whatever I please. Except, when the weekend comes along, I’m tired and don’t want to do all that much. Two days also isn’t a lot of time to whisk myself away to a beautiful destination – particularly a destination I’ve never visited before. I want a week to bask in the beautiful landscapes and truly immerse myself in that destination. But now I can’t unless I’m taking extended leave.

So I would suggest this – save your money (or budget better than I did) and book your dream travel destinations NOW! There is no time better than now, and you never know what could happen in the future! I could never have predicted that COVID-19 would be a problem but that deferred my Europe travel plans, and now I’m unsure when I’ll ever be able to travel overseas again.

For the time being, ISIC has some amazing offers for local travel and even to travel to our neighbours New Zealand, so perhaps we can start to plan smaller but equally exciting trips for the time being. Check out the amazing deals with Travello and Pelikin and get planning!

Source: Olivia Tartaro

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