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Study, Intern or Volunteer Abroad

Who is CISaustralia

Established in 2013, CISaustralia is dedicated to providing university students with innovative, high quality, short-term overseas study, intern and volunteer experiences for academic credit, while promoting global awareness, inspiring personal growth, and developing engaged world citizens.

Personal and Career Development

Why Study, Intern or Volunteer Abroad?

Whether you want to go overseas for new experiences or to further yourself academically, the skills and advantages you will gain both personally and professionally from overseas experiences are immeasurable!

Academic Credit

Over 98% of all CISaustralia students who participate in a study, intern or volunteer program are awarded academic credit towards their degree for their CISaustralia program. Programs can be credited towards core or elective courses, or Work Integrated Learning (WIL) / experiential credits.


Comprehensive program fees include full on-site support and a range of services before, during and after your program. Financial support options to assist you with participating in your CISaustralia program may include:

Program Variety

CISaustralia offers a diverse and comprehensive range of programs, including overseas, domestic, virtual, work integrated learning, traditional study opportunities and more. All programs are supported by dedicated, experienced and highly trained staff. Have the chance to meet people from all over the world while expanding your horizons and immersing in another culture!

Cultural Immersion. Personal Growth. Life-Changing Opportunities.

Ongoing Support

Academic counselling, financial advice and program assistance provided before, during and after your program.

Quality Education

Study at top ranking universities abroad.

Site Directors

24/7 on-site support in all program locations.


Build your resume and core skills whilst abroad.

Healthy and Safety

Number one priority. Resources available for mental health support, LGBTQIA+ students, students with disabilities, culture shock and more.


Included in all programs.

Chelsea S.

It is literally the best experience you can have and you will make lifelong friends. The program completely changed my perception of the world and working with other cultures so it is priceless. Everything was so well set out and I learnt extremely valuable tools in terms of learning to work with other cultures. I made some amazing friends and… the lecturers were super interesting. Overall it was just a great time.

The University of Newcastle

July on Vancouver Island, Canada

hear about it from students

Sarah M.

A truly life-changing, perspective altering, incredibly humbling experience that I would absolutely participate in again if given the chance. [The students’] enthusiasm for learning is second to none with relation to anything I have ever seen, and encouraged me to be the best teacher I could possibly be. You will not regret participating in this program. It will change your life, both professionally and personally, and open your eyes to a completely different way of life.

Queensland University of Technology

Teaching and Community Development in Cambodia

Georga K.

The experience of living in another culture was just so eye opening in terms of diversity and the people I met whilst there. It provided me with the clarity and confidence to pursue anything I wish to do. In turn creating some of the best friendships and connections whilst I was abroad. Being able to immerse myself within the daily life of Barcelona, just showed how I can adapt and apply myself to anything. … I definitely have returned home with the determination to pursue work overseas in the near future. Getting out of my comfort zone allowed me to see the opportunities that are beyond Australia.

The University of Newcastle

Intern in Spain