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Latest news for international students

OSA aims to keep you informed with what’s happening in the international education space in Australia.

Studying in Australia

There is alot to know about studying in Australia. Learn more about the various different areas of planning and applying to study in Australia.

Explore Australia

Australia is in the top 3 destinations for International Students to complete their studies. Find out more about what Australia has to offer.

Student Discounts

Living as a student can be very costly. Make sure you grab yourself an ISIC and make the most of student discounts that are available to you.

Living in Australia

Living in Australia is a wonderful experience. Learn more about accommodation options, cost of living, transport and much more here!

Education System

International students can study in Australia from the age of 6. Find out more about the structure and opportunities available.

Finding a course

Choosing the destination can be easy. Finding the right course to study can be more complex. Use OSA’s search tool to discover the options available.

Why study in Australia

10 Reasons to study in Australia

There are definitely more than 10 reasons to study in Australia. Here are our top 4 reasons to choose Australia as your study destination but be sure to click the button to view OSA’s top 10 with details.

It's all in the planning

Get organised with OSA's checklists


Use this ultimate checklist to help with full prearation in planning to come to Australia.  


Use this checklist to help you prepare everything you need to apply for a student visa for Australia.


This packing checklist will help you make sure you have your bags packed to perfection.

students with friends are happier students

How to make friends in Australia as an International Student

Read this insightful blog post by OSA as a guide, or join our ISIC Australia Facebook Group and get connected.

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More fun facts

We bet you didn’t know these facts, but even if you did, they are still pretty interesting and helpful to know.

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is considered as the biggest student city in Australia. It has 8 reputable universities, which have a total of 300,000 students. Of this number, around 100,000 are international students who find this city most appealing. (many will argue this answer depends on who you ask)

China, India and Nepal emerged as the top three international student contributors in the 2018 calendar year, with Brazil and Malaysia making up the top five. These five countries contributed 56 per cent of Australia’s total international student population, with all nations recording an increase on their 2017 figures.

Tuition fees vary depending on the discipline you choose to study, the degree level, and the university in which you enrol.

Tuition for international students:

  • Bachelor’s degrees: between 20,000 – 45,000 AUD/year
  • Master’s and PhD degrees: between 22,000 – 50,000 AUD/year

International students living in Australia need between 1,400 and 2,500 AUD/month to cover all their living expenses, including accommodation, food, and social activities.

  • Sydney: starting at 1,900 AUD/month
  • Adelaide: starting at 1,300 AUD/month
  • Brisbane: starting at 1,400 AUD/month
  • Melbourne: starting at 1,500 AUD/month
  • Canberra: starting at 1,400 AUD/month

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