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Australia is a place full of opportunities and is considered one of the ideal locations for students to study and work. Full of top public universities, Australia provides a variety of courses – from engineering, healthcare, business to ancient world studies, applied cloud and aboriginal history, you will find yourself spoilt with choice in this country.

The rapid development and emergence of brilliant start up companies and multinational corporations helps build a strong workforce in Australia, and presents students with job and internship opportunities, both full time and part time.

As a student, you can work for 20 hours a week part time, with good pay and great benefits & exposure. Here are some of the student jobs – divided into academic-related and non-academic related jobs in Australia.

Academic Related

1.   Paralegal

A paralegal works directly with attorneys and lawyers who represent different clients. Students who are studying law full time can benefit from working as a paralegal as you get first hand experience into the world of law. The work of a paralegal generally involves drafting and preparing legal documents, supporting attorneys during a case, conducting legal research, preparing legal files and general office administration. Paralegals in Australia earn on an average of AUD 40 per hour.

2.   Student Marketeer

Student Marketeers are reposnisble for driving the brand image and working in the marketing and PR department of the company. Students who are studying business administration, marketing, advertising and even sales, can benefit from the role of a student marketeer as you get to work with and learn from experienced marketers. The work of a marketeer generally involves growing the user base, ideating on marketing campaigns, driving brand engagement on social media, executing the marketing strategy and proving a brand experience to customers. Student marketeers earn on an average of AUD 20 an hour.

3.   International Student Recuritment

International Student Recruiters are responsible for bringing on new students to the university or institutes, and they work closely with the marketing department of the organisation. Students who are studying HR and Marketing can benefit from this job as they get firsthand experience in recruitment and relationship management. The work of an International Student Recuriter involves marketing courses to students,data entry, providing information about courses, reaching out and keeping in contact with prospective students, and onboarding of students. International student recruiters earn on an average of AUD 30 per hour.

4.   Student Engineer

A student engineer can work under the three fields of engineering – mechanical, electrical or computer. Many companies require student engineers to support the main staff in quality and development processes of the company. As a student engineer, you will provide administrative support in terms of carrying out research, filing, designing projects, and provide assistance maintaining stakeholder relationships, identifying business opportunities and ensuring safety, operational and environmental legislation, regulations and practices. A student engineer earns on an average of AUD 25 per hour.

Non – Academic Related

1.   Delivery Person

Know how to ride a motorbike or a bicycle? Know how to use mobile technology? Then you are qualified to work as a delivery person. You can work with courier, retail and food establishments and deliver the products to people’s homes. You can work at any shift that is convenient for you, and it can be a healthy part time job as it keeps you on your feet! All you need is a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. A delivery person can earn on an average of AUD 18 – 25 an hour, plus tips.

2.   Babysitter

Good with babies and toddlers? Have the extra time (and patience) to look after one? Then you are qualified to work as a babysitter. As a babysitter, you look after the baby, feed them, bathe them and put them down for naps. For toddlers or older children, you organize activities, help with homework or drive them to school or classes. You can register yourself on websites for babysitters and give your personal details to help get selected. If you are lucky, you may get a chance to work at a place close to your student accommodation. A recommendation from your previous employer/family also goes a long way! A babysitter can earn on an average of AUD 15 – 20 per week.

3.   Personal Trainer

If you are a fitness freak or a health professional who would like to help others achieve their fitness goals, you can consider working as a personal trainer in gyms, sports academies and yoga studios. You will look after your clients requirements, their goals and create fitness plans amd regimes, alongwith diet plans for them. You can help your clients work out and provide suggestions for exercises that can be done at home as well, ultimately promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle. As a personal trainer, you will earn on an average of AUD 20 to 25 per hour, depending on the number of clients.

4.   Tutor

If you are great at a particular academic subject, or have always wanted to teach others, the job of a tutor is perfect for you! Your job will entail you to teach students, help with assignments and exams and set improvement goals. You will need a degree or a diploma in the course you teach, and you can choose to be an online tutor and teach from your student accommodation in Australia, be affiliated with a teaching agency, or a home tutor. As a tutor, you may earn on an average of AUD 20 to 30 per hour.

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