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Offering a Discount or Benefit

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ISIC Partners are organisations and businesses that provide ISIC members with discounted offers and services at a local, national, regional or global level. 

ISIC member benefits range from entertainment, mobile communications, software and travel, to dining, retail, museums, attractions, educational courses and sports activities…and everything in between. 

Join the Partner Program:

Joining the ISIC Partner Program is simple and free.

Discounts and benefits are listed on within the ISIC App, websites and socials for all our members to access. To become a Program Partner  – just complete the form below and we’ll sort the rest out.

Why work with us

we know students, Backpackers and Teachers


Attract young customers

Offer a discount or benefit to ISIC, ITIC and ITIC members and gain their long-term loyalty.


Local, Regional or Global

Regardless of whether you are a small cafe or a global brand, we have the solution.

Flexibility and adaptability

Flexible and Adaptable

One size does not fit all. You offer what will attract your customers and also support your busine

Supporting students, supporting your business

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