Five top tips for staying healthy while travelling

Healthy Travel

Are you loving your travels but not the tummy upsets that can come with it? Are you wondering what you can take to prevent gastric bugs? Maybe you’re looking for easy ways to keep your immunity up. Or perhaps you’ve been looking for ways to maintain your energy levels while on the go.  Well, we’ve pulled together a few tips on how to take care of your whole self while travelling.

Healthy Travel
  1. Take care of your gut and it will take care of you

Second to your skin, your gut is the biggest immune organ in your body and taking care of it will mean you’re taking care of a significant part of your health. Chat to a naturopath or nutritionist before you head off about a good quality probiotic that doesn’t require refrigeration. The good gut bacteria have many functions in our health, and one is to block receptors in our intestines so unwanted pathogens pass through.

  1. Enjoy lots of immune foods

Easy to access immune foods for travellers include garlic and onions which contain sulphur compounds that also act as antimicrobials. Also ginger, which is an amazing anti-inflammatory and circulatory stimulant. Plus, a variety of bright coloured fruit and vegetables as they tend to contain a wide range of nutrients and plant compounds that boost immunity and cell function.

  1. Stay hydrated

We know, it seems so simple, but when you’re on the go it’s also super easy to forget to drink enough fluid. Try to plan in a drink so hydration becomes part of your routine. For example, ensure you have at least one cup of hydrating fluid with each meal. Have another before you jump on any transport and sip it while you’re on your way. Maybe have a last drink a few hours before bed. In creating a routine, it will be easier to maintain, and you will be less likely to forget.

  1. Variety by day, variety by food

Every day is different when travelling, that’s one of the best parts of it. Well, the same goes for a basic good diet, variety truly is ‘the spice of life’. Try to make your food colourful; you’ll be more interested in eating; you’ll enjoy the tastes and textures more and you’ll get a wider array of health-giving compounds and nutrients while reducing your over-exposure to the ones you don’t want.

  1. Create a simple routine

Now we’ve just said the novelty and spontaneity of each day is part of the wonder of travel, but… routine doesn’t need to be a dirty word. Routines, some might call them rituals, can be brief but powerful, the time spent in a routine doesn’t equate to the quality of the outcome.

stay healthy while travelling
  • If your travel involves you being propelled by something other than your own feet, ensure you just walk it out once a day.
  • Make a set time each day to sit and just notice your breathing. A super easy breathing technique to help ground and prepare you for the rest of the day is to breath in slowly through your nose, exhale even more slowly through your mouth, when you think are at the bottom of your breath, gently breathe out just a little more. Repeat another two cycles. Boom! That simple
  • Find time to exercise. Perhaps each morning before brekky, get out the door and get your body moving. Or you could do a restorative yoga sequence a few times each night before settling in.
  • And of course, there is meditation, in your chosen form. Make it achievable, for example emptying the mind tends to be a ‘long game’, try just letting your shoulders drop, your jaw relax, and focusing on all you hear around you. A focused mind is a calm mind.

It’s that simple! Take care of your gut, immunity, fluids, variety and create a simple wellbeing routine. Happy, safe and WELL travels.

The Well College Global Team

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