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Benefit and Discount Provider

This is the process in which you would prefer the cardholders to redeem your offer. If using a promo code or URL, ISIC is able to provide a verification tool that validates the cardholder prior to prroviding them a promo code or redirecting them to the dedicated URL.
If using a promo code or url or both in above question, note the code and/or url below
• As the Benefit and Discount Provider, I must provide all content to ISIC Australia as set out in the Benefit & Discount Provider information document. (see top of page) • ISIC Australia reserves the right to reject material which is in its sole discretion deemed to be offensive, inappropriate or potentially infringing on the warranties set out below. • Should I wish to change, edit or remove my offer, I am required to advise ISIC Australia in writing and provide at least 30 days notice of such changes. • I understand that it is my responsibliity to ensure all staff and branches are aware of this offer and will provide the information sent by ISIC Australia to my staff, within 2 business days of receiving it from ISIC. This information provides details on the ISIC products and is especially important if providing an offer that requires recognition of the ISIC products to process redempion of th above offer.

Select & WIN

#1 Reason to get an ISIC

Select your #1 reason to get an ISIC and stand a chance to WIN a free ISIC Extra’s in our end of month draw. (must have a valid ISIC, IYTC or ITIC)